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Considering that people who are financially constrained find it increasingly difficult to repay student loans, it's only natural that the demand for personal grants for individuals, personal grants for women and single mothers has caught on in a big way. Grants from the government are available to people desirous of pursuing higher education here. These grants are wonderful alternative to student loans apply. The Federal govt. provides grants to State governments and non-profits who in turn use the money to provide financial assistance to women, single mothers and other eligible participants. However, Federal grants for personal financial assistance is a myth. Read More....

Applying for Free Grant Money

A grant is a financial assistance that is provided to people to help support a particular cause. Grants can be both need based as well as merit based. In the US, there are 26 Federal agencies that offer over 1,000 grant programs annually in various categories, viz. Agriculture, Business and Commerce, Community Development, Disaster Prevention and Relief, Education, Employment, Labor and Training, Arts, Energy, Environmental Quality, Food and Nutrition, Health, Housing, Humanities, Information and Statistics, Law, Justice and Legal Services, Natural Resources, Recovery Act, Regional Development, Science and Technology, Social Services and Income, Security and Transportation. In addition to Federal grants, there are numerous private entities that provide grants as well.

Availability of Federal Grants

It would behoove the readers to note that although there are numerous federal grants, very few of these are available to individuals. Moreover, grants are not provided for personal financial assistance. Typically, federal grants are made available to the following entities: Government Organizations, Educational Associations and Organizations, Public Housing Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations and Small Businesses.

Generally, federal grants are available to non-profit organizations and are for non-commercial purposes. Some federal grants are provided for the purpose of aiding community development and for conducting research in the field of health and medicine, science & technology and environment, and for promoting arts, humanities, and education. Small Business Innovative Research Grants were instituted in accordance with the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982. These small business grants are awarded for research and development in the following areas: environment, defense, health care, and information management.

Student grants are the most readily available federal grants. Grants for college students are both merit based as well as need based. Students have the option of applying for the following grants: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) , Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) and the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant. Of these, Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant are need based while the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) and the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant are merit based.

How to Apply for Grant Money

Applying for college grants is easy since students have to fill out free grant money applications, better known as FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This application is available at the high school guidance office, or people may choose to complete the application online by visiting the FAFSA or Student Aid website.

As far as other federal grants are concerned, individuals and aforementioned entities may visit the website to complete the application. This website was established as a part of the President's 2002 Fiscal Year Management Agenda to improve government services to the public. People have access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards, and by registering just once they can apply for grants provided by the 26 federal grant disbursing agencies. The registration process takes 3-5 days and people have the facility of checking the status of their applications online.

In addition to applying for government grants, people have the option of applying for private grants, the procedure for which varies depending upon the disburser. Grantees must take adequate care and present a convincing case while drafting or filling out grant money applications. Individuals and institutions can try approaching non-profit entities for further details.
By Aparna Iyer

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Federal Government Grants For Ex-Offenders-Free Educational Grants

Federal Government Grants For Ex-Offenders-Free Educational Grants
Although the topic is subject to debate, an education is said to help many ex-offenders straighten out their lives after serving a prison sentence. Earning a degree can give convicted felons incentive to find jobs to support themselves without having to resort to crime. But many recent parolees have no work lined up immediately after release to pay tuition, buy books and cover other educational costs. Government agencies and private organizations provide grants and other types of financial aid to help ex-offenders go to school.
Reentry Initiative
The Second Chance Act's three-phased Reentry Initiative is designed to help serious, high-risk ex-offenders reenter society. Education is one of the program types that fall under Phase I, Protect and Prepare, and Phase II, Control and Restore. Other programs funded under the first two phases include mental health and substance abuse treatment, job training, mentoring and risk assessment. Phase I funds institution-based programs, and Phase II is for community-based programs. Phase III, Sustain and Support, funds long-term community programs. The U.S. departments of Justice, Education, Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development administer the Reentry Initiative.
Workforce Investment Act
Another place an ex-offender can find help with receiving an education after prison release is a One Stop Career Center. The centers receive funding provided by the Workforce Investment Act's Adult and Dislocated Worker program. WIA intends overall to help unemployed people and those at risk of losing their jobs update and improve skills and education and find jobs. The program helps unemployed people assess their skills, search for job openings and undergo training. One Stop centers give special preference to low-income people. There are some additional services, such as help with transportation and child care, available under certain circumstances.
Pell Grants
Pell Grants are a form of federal financial aid to help low-income students afford the costs of a higher education. This can include ex-offenders, with certain exceptions. The program during the 2010 to 2011 school year gave up to $5,550 to individual students, based on financial information reported on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Ex-offenders cannot receive Pell grants if courts convict them on sex crime charges, regardless of whether they are violent or nonviolent offenses. The eligibility restriction applies for all Department of Education-administered student aid. Students can also lose funding if courts convict them of drug-related charges while they are receiving aid, but students can redeem their grants if they pass drug tests.
Like grants, scholarships can cover part or all of education costs for ex-offenders. There are some scholarships designated specifically for people with criminal convictions. The Charles W. Colson Scholarship, for example, will pay for tuition, room and board and medical insurance for a student to earn a degree at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. Among the scholarship's eligibility requirements is that applicants must have spent at least one year in prison after a conviction of a serious offense. Ex-offenders can search for scholarships at other schools they are interested in, or through community groups and businesses.

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